Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset – 128GB with $75 Gift Card


Marque Meta Quest
Fonctionnalité spéciale Microphone inclus
Appareils compatibles Téléphone intelligent
Plage d’âge (description) Pour tous les âges
  • Meta Quest À partir de 13 ans. Certaines applications, jeux et expériences peuvent être plus élevés. Gardez votre expérience fluide et fluide, même lorsque l’action à grande vitesse se déroule autour de vous avec un processeur ultra-rapide et un écran haute résolution.
  • La carte cadeau en plastique est apposée à l’intérieur d’une carte de vœux vierge avec une enveloppe postale séparée. La carte n’a pas de frais ni de date d’expiration. Aucun retour et aucun remboursement sur les cartes-cadeaux.
  • Faites l’expérience d’une immersion totale avec l’audio positionnel 3D, le suivi des mains et le retour haptique, travaillant ensemble pour que les mondes virtuels se sentent réels.
  • Explorez un univers en expansion de plus de 350 titres dans les domaines du jeu, du fitness, du social/multijoueur et du divertissement, y compris des sorties exclusives à succès et des expériences VR totalement uniques.
  • Des univers de voyage dans des fantasmes à succès, effrayez-vous sans esprit dans des aventures d’horreur ou collaborez avec des collègues dans des espaces de travail innovants.
  • Rassemblez-vous dans des espaces sociaux incroyables et des arènes multijoueurs pendant que vous participez à des événements en direct avec vos amis et votre famille, trouvez votre nouvelle équipe d’entraînement ou rejoignez des quêtes avec d’autres aventuriers.
  • Soyez vraiment libre de vous déplacer en VR avec un casque sans fil, des commandes intuitives, une batterie intégrée, une configuration facile et aucun PC ou console nécessaire*

4 avis pour Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset – 128GB with $75 Gift Card

  1. Raq

    This is a good VR headset for those not wanting to invest huge amounts of money to get into VR. The Quest 2 is a stand alone headset, so if you don’t have a powerful gaming computer, this will allow you to get started in VR without that sort of investment.Pros: – Inexpensive compared to other headsets on the market – Good resolution – Least expensive wireless VR solution on the market – Earphone jack to connect your own headphones – Can be connected to a gaming PC either wirelessly, or with a USB C cable for additional features and game titles – Good assortment of games, social VR, and educational appsCons: – LCD screen does not have the best black level. Dark scenes can appear to be washed out – Included strap is very basic. It may be ok for short sessions, but for longer sessions you will probably want an upgraded strap, as the included one will become uncomfortable after awhile – Internal speakers on the headset are quite far away from the ears so volume has to be turned up in order to hear anything. This can also cause feedback on the built in microphone. (headphones recommended)- Battery life is quite short at 2 to 2.5 hours. You likely will need to purchase an additional USB power bank, or a head strap with built in battery for longer sessions.- Factor in additional accessories you might need to the purchase price such as an upgraded head strap, USB battery pack, headphones, and a dedicated wireless router or link cable if you plan to connect it to a computer.In conclusion this is a good entry level VR headset, but those coming from other headsets may find the mediocre black levels on the screen hard to get used to. For the price however, this is still the best value for VR headsets currently on the market.Things to note:- Wireless connection to a computer will require a modern gaming PC with a recent NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, a hardwired connection to the Internet, and a dedicated Wifi 6 router or hotspot for the headset to work without too much frame loss.- Not really meant for children. Meta has a minimum age requirement of 13 years. Parents should note that most social VR apps are geared towards adults. I wouldn’t recommend those under the age of 18 to be using such titles as this is the equivalent of leaving your child alone in a crowded bar or nightclub with a bunch of much older strangers. The majority of people using the social games are in their 20’s and 30’s Games that do not contain a social aspect or voice chat feature, should be fun for the younger crowd with adult supervision. (Use the included hand straps with the controllers!)

  2. Michael

    The Oculus Quest 2 is an exceptional VR headset that offers a truly immersive experience. Its high-resolution display provides stunning visuals, and the wireless design offers freedom of movement. The library of games and apps is vast, catering to all interests. Setup is straightforward, and the touch controllers are precise and intuitive. With regular updates and improvements, it’s an excellent investment for both newcomers and VR enthusiasts. The affordable price point makes it even more appealing. Overall, the Oculus Quest 2 is a game-changer in the world of virtual reality.

  3. Benji

    The «new» 128Gb Quest 2 is a welcome increase in storage space over the prior 64Gb model, as the OS eats up a fair bit of space on that storage. Fortunately the apps and games are mostly small in install size.For a standalone VR headset (with ability to connect to a gaming PC for PCVR), it does a fantastic job at bringing you this experience. However, the requirement for Facebook is a sour note to using it as it is tied to your real life social media account. You can make a alias for it though so other gamers don’t see your real name.. but still, the writing is on the wall that this is for personal data collection while you use it. Take that for what it’s worth, as the low cost is clearly subsidized from Facebook’s personal data collection as the unit is sold at a loss otherwise.The Pros:-Small and portable.-VR capability is great. It’s not powerful to provide realistic graphics, but the games are really effective at giving you a sense of scale and being in the VR world. Framerates are fast and colors are vivid. It works great.-Low cost compared to everything else on the market (which requires a PC – which this doesn’t).-Ability to cast gameplay to a chromecast type device for others to see.-Install sizes are small (most),Cons:- Facebook required.- The strap is uncomfortable and doesn’t do a good job of keeping the weight off your face. It’s essentially a fabric belt, so you’ll want to invest in a better headband for more support.- Battery capacity gives you about 2+ hours playtime so it’s quite low. If you supplement with an external battery, the Quest will run off of that before it goes to it’s own battery, so you’ll want to invest in a battery pack for more playtime.- Lenses have a small focal «sweet spot» and this coupled with the troublesome headstrap means that you will frequently adjust the headset to reduce fatigue to your eyes.- Resolution varies in standalone games as the headset may need to lower resolution to allow for appropriate processing power – depending on the app. While the headset is «almost 2K per eye», there will still be some blur, and in some games, you will notice a fair amount if the game drops the resolution as needed. This is not a frequent issue, but I am mentioning it just in case some owners wonder why game X is clearer than game Y. Having said this, a number of titles have been patched for the higher processing power of the Quest 2’s headset and do have increased resolution over the original Quest 1.- The Oculus game store does not have big-discount sales like Steam or Playstation for their VR headsets. There is a daily deal and sometimes weekly deals with a couple of games in them, but the discounts range from about 9% to 30%. Overall, games on Quest 2 will cost you more to purchase as most will stay at full price.In conclusion .. don’t look at the small list of Pros as a negative as what it does, it does great and is well worth the cost. Just know that the cons show that it does have limitations so don’t expect the moon, and the basic headset will likely need a better headband and external battery to get the best enjoyment out of it. It’s a 5 star headset absolutely – but Facebook’s requirement is something to understand, as if your account is ever banned on Facebook… you will lose all your purchases and the headset will become useless.

  4. Zoel McCleary

    This is a great unit very clear lots of fun entertaining apps to explore and play highly recommend you get one of these

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