Nintendo Switch Sports – Nintendo Switch – Standard Edition


  • Swing, kick, spike et bowl votre chemin vers la victoire dans une collection de sport qui fera bouger toute la famille
  • Jouez en ligne et affrontez des adversaires de près et de loin pour gagner des récompenses dans le jeu ou viser la Pro League
  • Jouez avec vos amis et votre famille dans la même pièce ou à travers le monde
  • Jouez au football, volley-ball, bowling, tennis, badminton et chambara (jeu d’épée)
  • Le golf devrait être ajouté via une mise à jour gratuite cet automne
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Swing, kick, spike et bowling votre chemin vers la victoire dans une collection de sports qui fera bouger toute la famille. Bougez avec le football, le volley-ball, le bowling, le tennis, le badminton et la chambara (jeu d'épée) en utilisant les manettes Joy-Con™ Les commandes sont intuitives, de sorte que vous pouvez frapper le terrain (ou les voies, ou le terrain ou l'aréna) et commencer. Avec des mouvements contrôlés, vous pouvez courber votre boule de bowling, ajouter une rotation à un tir de tennis, ou même utiliser un Joy-Con avec l'accessoire de sangle de jambe inclus pour frapper la balle dans une fusillade de football. La famille et les amis peuvent se joindre au plaisir sur le même système* ou en ligne**. De plus, un septième sport devrait être ajouté via une mise à jour gratuite cet automne ; préparez-vous à jouer au golf ! Jouez en ligne et affrontez des adversaires de près et de loin pour gagner des récompenses dans le jeu ou viser la Pro League Affrontez les adversaires du monde entier et essayez d'atteindre la Pro League dans chaque sport. Lorsque vous jouez en ligne** au hasard matchmaking, échangez les points que vous gagnez contre des récompenses dans le jeu comme des tenues, des accessoires de sport, du matériel et bien plus encore pour votre avatar. La sélection d'articles tournera chaque semaine, alors revenez et voyez ce qui est en stock Jouez avec vos amis et votre famille dans la même pièce ou dans le monde entier. Bowl, spike et duel avec des amis dans les 6 sports Passez une manette Joy-Con à un ami* pour un 1v1, 2v2, ou un free-for-all qui fera bouger tout le monde. Au bowling, tous les joueurs peuvent jouer simultanément, sans attendre votre tour. Jouez à chaque jeu en ligne**, ou faites équipe avec un ami sur le même système pour affronter des adversaires proches et lointains dans des sports d'équipe comme le volley-ball et le tennis.

Description du fabricant

Nintendo Switch Sports 1

Frappez, tirez, smashez, et faites des abats vers la victoire dans 6 sports

Bougez en jouant au soccer, au volleyball, au bowling, au tennis, au badminton, et au chambara (un jeu de sabre) en utilisant les manettes Joy-Con! Les commandes sont intuitives, alors foncez sur le terrain (ou l’allée, ou l’arène) pour commencer. Avec des mouvements contrôlés, vous pouvez courber la trajectoire de votre boule de bowling, ajouter un effet à une frappe de tennis, ou même utiliser un Joy-Con avec la sangle de jambe incluse pour frapper un ballon en mode Tirs au but au soccer. Famille et amis peuvent s'amuser avec vous sur la même console* ou en ligne**. De plus, un septième sport sera ajouté via une mise à jour gratuite cet automne, alors préparez-vous à jouer au golf!***

Jouez en ligne ou dans la même pièce

Jouez en ligne et affrontez des adversaires à proximité ou à distance pour obtenir des récompenses, ou visez la ligue pro.

Affrontez des adversaires du monde entier et tentez d’atteindre la ligue pro dans tous les sports. En jouant en ligne** dans des affrontements aléatoires, échangez des points que vous obtenez contre des récompenses dans le jeu telles que des tenues, des accessoires de sport, des équipements, et plus encore, pour votre avatar. La sélection des articles changera chaque semaine, alors revenez régulièrement pour découvrir ce qui est en stock!

Jouez avec amis et famille dans la même pièce ou à travers le monde

Lancez la boule, frappez le ballon, et affrontez des amis dans les 6 sports! Passez une manette Joy-Con à un ami* pour des parties à 1 contre 1, 2 contre 2, ou en chacun pour soi qui feront bouger tout le monde. Au bowling, tous les joueurs peuvent jouer simultanément, pas besoin d’attendre votre tour. Jouez à chaque sport en ligne**, ou faites équipe avec un ami sur la même console pour affronter des adversaires à proximité ou à distance dans des sports d’équipe comme le volleyball et le tennis.

Accessoire sangle de jambe

La version emballée du jeu Nintendo Switch Sports comprend la sangle de jambe pour le soccer. Vous pouvez également acheter la version téléchargeable à moindre coût et acheter la sangle de jambe séparément.

Nintendo Switch Sports 8

*Des accessoires supplémentaires peuvent être nécessaires pour le mode multijoueur. Vendus séparément.

**Un abonnement au service Nintendo Switch Online (vendu séparément) et un compte Nintendo sont nécessaires pour utiliser les fonctionnalités en ligne. Cette fonctionnalité n'est pas disponible dans tous les pays. Une connexion à Internet est nécessaire pour utiliser les fonctionnalités en ligne. Des termes s'appliquent.

*** Mise à jour du logiciel requise.

**** Soyez conscient de votre environnement. Portez des dragonnes et laissez-vous assez d'espace lorsque vous jouez.

13 avis pour Nintendo Switch Sports – Nintendo Switch – Standard Edition

  1. Amazon Customer

    Overall this is a pretty fun party game to play with friends or family. It has simple, easy to learn options for casual/social games, but leaves repeat plays lacking.Let’s be real, this game is basically trying to capture the audience of people who used to like Wii sports. This is big shoes to fill as so many of us have such fond memories of that game from our childhoods, and this new game does mostly hold up. However, I was definitely hoping for more.I think one of my favourite things about this game is that they don’t try to reinvent the wheel, and they brought back some of the most fun things from Wii sports (notably, bowling). The graphics are improved, and it remains a really fun social activity to play with friends or family. I had some friends over recently and we had a lot of fun with this.In the end though, that lack of change from Wii sports is also one of the things that makes this release a bit underwhelming. While I love that they brought back the classic bowling, for example, I was definitely left wishing there were at least a few more optional new features/customization options added to try, perhaps in the form of different game modes. Some of the sports do have some (bowling has a few), but many don’t. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to have to have the classic gameplay back, but in the end it feels like something we’ve all seen before and gets old pretty quickly.There is also a distinct lack of sports that use the leg strap. I was really excited for full-body tracking using this, but in the end only one game mode in the whole game (soccer shootout, not even regular soccer) even uses the strap.When customizing a character I was excited to see all the tabs in the menu, even though a lot of those tabs were pretty empty at first. I thought there would be a lot of outfit customization options, that would be unlocked as you play. But at this point we’ve played the game for several hours on many of the different sports and have yet to unlock anything new. There probably are unlockable things, but you’ll have to play for a while before seeing them. (Sidenote: some of the other reviews are saying that you can’t unlock things in local multiplayer. If true, that really sucks because I would never want to play this game on my own.)Overall, it is true that some of this stuff I’ve mentioned in my review may be added in later updates that are planned, and I look forwards to this if true. But currently, the game feels a bit uninspired.

  2. Lisa Lavoie


  3. Bev

    This was a birthday gift…came quickly and is lots of fun!

  4. christian aubé


  5. T-Prime

    Fun games and easy to use. Definitely takes me back to the classic Wii Sports.

  6. Serge Gaudreau


  7. M A C

    Great game…lots of online interactive play. Just wish there was more variety to the sports.

  8. nowen

    Super jeu.

  9. Vincent

    Online Required Unlocks, Live Service. Worse than Switch Sports Resort at Launch.
    First thing to mention is that to unlock cosmetics for your characters, you need to play the online modes. So, if you don’t have a Nintendo Online subscription, you are locked out of the progression system. There are no bosses or metals to earn in the game.If you get a physical copy, it includes the leg strap. It’s the exact same as the one you get from ‘Ring Fit Adventure’. As stated in my review for that one; wished it had double banded vecro instead of one as it can slip down. If you plan to buy digital, you can buy the strap separately for $10 (MSRP). Note that the digital version is $10 cheaper (without leg strap)7 Sports total. Wii Sports Resort had 13, but also with more modes within individual sports4 returning sports from Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort: Tennis, Bowling, and Swordplay (now called chambira), Golf (as part of free update in Fall 2022)3 new sports: football (soccer), volleyball, and badmintonSeeing that there’s free DlC. It may have live service updates (Like Animal Crossing NH, and Splatoon). No official announcement yet aside from Golf. Hoping for Basketball freethrow, and return of archery in the future at no additional cost if they plan to add more sportsWill give my impressions on each sport at the end (excluding Golf seeing this is a near launch review).Seeing it’s a near launch review; cannot comment on any gameplay changes, future dlc (more additional sports, or added modes within sports)Plays like Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort as you make exaggerated movements or flick of the wrist to have your avatar do moves onscreen. For most games, you don’t really control the positioning of your character. You can do movements around the field with joy stick, but seeing how small the field is, charactgers automatically moves you most of the time. You won’t get a workout unless you play for hours at a time. If you want to sweat, I’d get ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ insteadNo training mode, or practice mini-games like past Wii Sports titles. For some sports you just get a basic tutorial then just play. Doesn’t explain hidden rules and tips wellNo boss battles like past titles either. You do get 3 difficulty modes: Normal, Strong, and Powerhouse. If you play offline there’s no high score tracking or any progression. They are just pick-up gamesNow has online. Nintendo Online membership required. Note that you need to play online to get points to spend on cosmetics. If there’s not enough players, there are CPU fill ins. Don’t get why you can’t play with CPU offline and still get points.-Controls:Use gyroscope in Joy-cons instead of Gyro + sensor bar in Wii/Wii U games.Seeing I have adult sized hands; holding the small jon cons doesn’t feel as nice as the Wii Remote. Z button on joy cons are not as ergonomic to press than wii mote (especially when playing bowling).There is a left handed mode optionMotion controls only (unlike Ring Fit Adventure which had button only mode). If you own a Switch Lite, must play on table top on small screen, and buy individual joycons. Note: you only can play table top mode (Any version of Switch console) in single player. If you try to play with more than one person, the game won’t let you play. Guess they added this feature to prevent eye squinting and people bumping into each other due to the small screen.-New AvatarsMiis make a return (via faces), but you can also use the Sportsmates avatars (anime-esk artstyle) if you want. Now have arms and legs instead of floating arms and feetWhen you play as Miis, you cannot import mii from other friends’ account, or other accounts that’s not on your Switch systemIn terms of customization: Sportsmates are more focused on individual clothes than faces on Miis.If you do plan to play as Miis; only can equip new body clothes. Cannot equip face accessories like hats, masks, beards and glassesThere are unlockable outfits. Again, tied to online modes. There are default customization options for Sportmates if you don’t have Nintendo Online, but the selection is limited. Cosmetic unlocks change out weekly (cheap mobile game FOMO tactic), so it encourages you to play regularly.Other unlockable include name tags/titles where you select a two words (an adjective/greeting, and noun) that show above your name in versus screen. Also emotesEveryone gets different board sets. 24 items total to unlock before they go away. Unlocks are tied to RNG/random on what unlocks first/what order.Overall, If you own Wii Sports Resort it’s basically the same core experience, but that game had more sports and modes to play around with.Feels like an unfinished game at launch. At launch, aside from the updated HD graphics, and ability to play online; don’t see a reason to pick up this new game unless you don’t have Wii Sports Resort, a Wii or Wii U, or too lazy to take it out of storage.This game like Wii Sport, and Wii Sports Resort is very fun with others. Still get that excitement when playing with people locally who you haven’t seen in a while; like playing an ice breaker type board gameNow onto my take on each individual sport.–List of games (at launch):1. TennisSame as Wii Sports games, but stricter on the on timing.Character position automatically, only need to focus on swingsRotate wrist for top spin or backspinCan’t play singles tennis. Only doubles. When playing 1v1 you control two people and it feels like a tennis foosball fusion gameAble to set match length/sets. Not sure why there’s no option for it in badminton and volleyballWished it was more options like Mario Tennis Aces.2. BowlingSame bowling in Wii Sports and Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide ClassicsControls a bit different. Need to hold the Z button throughout and not let go when you want to release, so it’s one smooth motion. For me doesn’t feel as naturalCan’t swing the ball backwards and scare the spectators anymore. Actually there are no spectators unless you count those standing very far away on the above floorsAble to do 4 player local split screen. No need to take turns. Can play 8 players online (up to 2 people local can joining in)Special lanes return with ramps, obstacles and hill slope lanes. Sort of like Spin Control in Wii Sports ResortNo (up to) 100 pin challenge or Spare Pickup modeOnline only mode Survival is a 16 player Bowling Battle Royal. Highest score progress to next stage while others are eliminated. Aside from the high score tennis wall ball mini-game in the credits, this is the best mode in the game at launch in my opinion3. ChambaraPlays like Sword Play in Wii Sports ResortCan select type of sword this time: Standard, Charged or Twin SwordPress ZL to block or guard.Standard Sword has best base attack.For Charge Sword , you build up charge attack meter every time block perfectly (position block perpendicular of opponent’s attack). When meter is full, you can do one strong attack. Note that base attack is weaker than Standard SwordTwin Sword is basically duel welding. Need two joycons per player obviously. Able to block with one sword and get ready for attack with other. Cannot attack and defend simultaneously. Able to spin attack when sword is charged. Unlock Charge Sword it’s based on how many times swing an attack than blockNo showdown mode like in Wii Sports Resport4. Soccer:Two modes:Traditional Soccer match with a life size ball: 4v4 or 1v1. Use two joycons per person. One you swing with your arms to kick and shoot. Heard they’re adding in leg strap/kick support in later patch. With other joycon you move/run around joystick. ZL to dash, ZR to pass, B to jump. Swing two hands down for head dive.The field is too big in comparison to character’s movement speed in my opinion. Stamina bar doesn’t help. Not as fast as Rocket League, but has better control than Lucio Ball (Overwatch)Soccer Shootout-Mode. Basically, a penalty shootout. Use leg strap, able to kick with leg this time instead of swinging your arms. Careful not to kick the TV. Ball will be thrown at you and you must kick it at the right time to get a goal5. Volleyball:Game positions your avatar for you like in Tennis. Most of the time the game auto positions you, but can make slight move adjustments with joystick when blocking. This mini-game is all about timing and knowing which motion to do at the right time. Game will tell you if you’re doing it too early, or perfectlyMain motions to focus on are Bump, Spike and BlockShake down or swat down movement to spikeTwo hands in the air to set and blockServe by swinging arms up or downUnderhand lift up to Dig or BumpGame will give you tips/prompts suggestions on what to do4 player split screen if you play local co-op. Shows each player on 4 separate screens. Don’t get why they don’t do double split screen for each team6. BadmintonLike tennis but more involved and faster. Need faster reaction time seeing the smaller fieldNeed to press ZL for a drop shotOnly can play singles. No doublesThere’s a hidden stamina system. If you swing frantically your character will get tired and accuracy will lower

  10. Deepak

    Very good physical entertainment
    Very good entertainment for kids and adults alike.

  11. kat

    Such a fun game
    This is a game the whole family enjoys. When the weather is cruddy we bust out indoor sports and smack talk the whole game through. It evens the playing field too for young and old. Love the little characters and that it gives you options for different games. Its a game for all ages. Highly recommend.

  12. Amy

    So much fun
    The most fun game i own!! You can play with friends or other people online in tournaments to unlock and earn things. It has some fun games and different course/game options for those games as well (9 holes of golf or 18 holes for example) and it’s honestly a good arm workout LOL

  13. Andrew Dorsey

    This product is awesome I got it for my nephew for his birthday. It’s is very good quality and easy To use it has so many games his favorite is tennis or bowling but overall 10/10

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