Super Mario Odyssey – Standard Edition


  • Explorez d’immenses royaumes 3D remplis de secrets et de surprises, y compris des costumes pour Mario et de nombreuses façons d’interagir avec les divers environnements, tels que se balader autour d’eux dans des véhicules qui intègrent la fonction HD Rumble du contrôleur Joy-Con ou explorer des sections comme Pixel Mario.
  • Grâce à son nouvel ami, Cappy, Mario a de nouveaux mouvements à maîtriser, comme lancer de casquette, sauter et capturer. Avec la capture, Mario peut prendre le contrôle de toutes sortes de choses, y compris les objets et les ennemis
  • Visitez de nouveaux endroits étonnants, comme New Donk City bondé de gratte-ciel, et rencontrez des amis et des ennemis familiers alors que vous essayez de sauver la princesse Peach des griffes de Bowser et de déjouer ses horribles plans de mariage.
  • Un ensemble de trois nouvelles figurines amiibo* – Mario, princesse Peach et Bowser dans leurs tenues de mariage – sortira au lancement. Certains amiibo précédemment sortis seront également compatibles avec ce titre. Appuyez sur amiibo pris en charge pour recevoir de l’aide au jeu – certains amiibo déverrouilleront également des costumes pour Mario lors de la numérisation
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Cette aventure Mario 3D de style bac à sable, la première depuis 1996 Super Mario 64 et le classique Nintendo GameCube de 2002 Super Mario Sunshine, est remplie de secrets et de surprises, ainsi que de nouveaux royaumes passionnants à explorer. Grâce à Cappy, Mario peut désormais contrôler certains objets, ennemis et plus encore. D'un simple mouvement du poignet, vous pouvez lancer le héros en forme de chapeau pour prendre le relais En plus des nouvelles capacités Cappy, Mario a également son mélange classique de mouvements, comme le saut, le saut mural, le triple saut, le sol et le saut périlleux vers l'arrière. Bowser a kidnappé la princesse Peach et cette paire de héros improbables doit travailler ensemble pour arrêter ses plans diaboliques Modes de lecture pris en charge : mode TV, mode table, mode portable.

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Ce jeu d’aventure bac à sable en 3D, le premier depuis les jeux Super Mario 64 en 1996 et Super Mario Sunshine sur le GameCube en 2002, est rempli de secrets, surprises, et nouveaux pays à explorer.

Explorez avec Mario et son nouvel allié, Cappy, dans une immense aventure en 3D.

Utilisez de nouveaux pouvoirs, comme capturer et contrôler des objets, animaux et ennemis, pour collecter des lunes et alimenter votre vaisseau, l’Odyssée. Allez ensuite sauver la princesse Peach des projets de mariage de Bowser.

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Grâce à son ami héroïque, Cappy, Mario a de nouveaux pouvoirs - tels que le lancer de chapeau, le saut de chapeau, et la chapimorphose - qui pimentent son style de jeu traditionnel. Utilisez les ennemis, objets, et animaux chapimorphosés pour progresser dans le jeu et découvrir plein d’objets cachés à collectionner. Si vous avez envie de jouer avec un ami, passez-lui une manette Joy-Con ! Un joueur contrôle Mario alors que l’autre contrôle Cappy.

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8 avis pour Super Mario Odyssey – Standard Edition

  1. hamantashen

    This game catapults you into an unexpected odyssey, where the unexpected becomes the norm. From surfing atop a giant lava-coated pizza to possessing a towering T-Rex, the game ingeniously mixes whimsy and innovation, rewriting the rules of what’s possible in a Mario game. With a time-traveling level that shifts gameplay eras and a gravity-defying kingdom that leaves you questioning physics, Odyssey delivers a mind-bending, delightful experience. It’s as if the game exists in a universe where the laws of gaming gravity don’t apply, and it’s this wild, unpredictable spirit that makes it a must-play. Is it the greatest game of all time? Hard to say, but it’s definitely a competitor for that title.

  2. Steve Bregman

    Bought for my grandkids and they love it. Lots of hours of play time on this game. Perfect for any fan of Super Mario.

  3. Retrogaming1991

    I had so much fun playing this game. Totally recommend it for someone who likes playing the Nintendo Switch!

  4. Rogsam1959

    C’est une cassette que je donne à Noël à mes deux petits fils

  5. Melissa Dupuis

    Grandson was very pleased

  6. Skuzzy

    Super Mario Galaxy didn’t hook me right away. I read the reviews, having to wait to actually recieve my copy an extra two days because my mail office was closed. It was supposed to be amazing. So when I first picked it up, it didn’t strike me as anything «too unique» for a Mario experience. It failed to bring about that big smile people were talking about. But, give it a few hours, a few worlds, and I was hit with a scene of game design that was so absolutely stunning, simple, and amazing that the masterwork of the design brought me to tears; and that smile broke out.—-STORY—-The story is, well, it’s Mario. I won’t spoil the ending, but I think my only real complaint is that the true ending is locked behind a 999x Moon barrier. You’ll finish the game around ~300/400 if you really take your time and explore; meaning there’s a lot more to unlock after you’ve finished it, though, including new worlds, and everything.Peach is kidnapped by Bowser. Big surprise, huh? And a ghost-hat. Mario & another ghost team up, and go on the chase, following Bowser and his evil wedding planners, the Broodals, to each Kingdom while they harvest the necessities for a good wedding. It’s simple. Not a lot of nuance, but it’s Mario. The story manages to be amusing, but it won’t be winning any awards.—-GAMEPLAY—-I typically try to avoid making comparisons between video games purely because if someone reads a review, and hasn’t played the game I’m referring to, the point is lost. So I don’t do this lightly: Super Mario Odyssey is to this generation of consoles that Super Mario 64 was to the Nintendo 64. The amount of innovation here, the marriage of 2D and 3D gameplay mechanics, switching between old school, and 3D enviroment Mario is absolutely brilliant. It blends everything that makes Mario a magnificent franchise into one big, beautiful package.Each Kingdom has various creatures you can use your partner Cappy to possess, and these new creatures are used to solve various puzzles throughout the levels, or gain you access to new areas that are often hidden.The main objective of the game is to beat the area boss; and collect the necessary amount of Moons to proceed. The Moons vary in how they’re hidden. They could be buried in the ground, over a platforming challenge, or hidden clever in hard-to-see places that you might not suspect of being accessible. Mario Odyssey is all about exploring the fantastically designed levels. And fantastic they are: I felt myself inwardly cringing each time I went to a water themed, or Snow-themed world. I mean, who likes those? They’re usually always so bad in Nintendo games — but I found myself loving them once I got in, which is a testament to how excellently the game is designed.—-SOUND & VISUAL—–Mario Odyssey marries conflict art styles in a way that works. Whether you’re controlling a realistic-looking T-Rex in a cartoon world, or fighting a giant bird, it all looks great. Vibrant and full of life, and oozing with great colours, not a single level really hit me as a ‘cop out’ level. I felt the urge to actually explore each of them rather than forcing myself to stay in boring worlds to gather moons.The sound, and voices are all great. From footsteps to the various, silly voices of characters in the game. The music is superb.—-VERDICT—–Super Mario Odyssey is a must have Nintendo Switch game; pure and simple. They really knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. Truly an amazing experience for anyone who is a fan of platformers, and proof that with creativity, this is a genre that still has a lot of mileage in it.

  7. Geraldine Kooiker

    Bought this for my grandson for Christmas, I am sure he will love it as anything Super Mario he loves!

  8. Wayne H Price

    I like the way my grandson react to it

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