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  • Une aventure épique à travers le pays et le ciel d’Hyrule vous attend dans le jeu the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom pour le système Nintendo Switch. L’aventure est à vous de créer dans un monde alimenté par votre imagination.
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Une aventure épique à travers le pays et le ciel d'Hyrule vous attend dans le jeu Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom pour le système Nintendo Switch™. L'aventure est à vous de créer dans un monde alimenté par votre imagination. Dans cette suite de The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild, vous déciderez de votre propre chemin à travers les paysages tentaculaires d'Hyrule et les îles mystérieuses flottant dans les vastes cieux ci-dessus. Pouvez-vous exploiter la puissance des nouvelles capacités de Link pour lutter contre les forces malveillantes qui menacent le royaume ?

Description du fabricant

Explorez les vastes terres et les cieux d’Hyrule


Dans cette suite du jeu The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, vous devrez décider du chemin à prendre à travers les vastes régions d’Hyrule et sur de mystérieuses îles qui flottent dans les cieux

Explorer. Créer. Découvrir.


Le Ciel

Utilisez les nouvelles habiletés de Link pour explorer les îles qui ont mystérieusement apparu dans les cieux au-dessus d'Hyrule


La surface

Il n'y a pas que le ciel qui a changé à Hyrule. Des endroits familiers ont été transformés de façon spectaculaire, avec de nouvelles villes, des grottes froides et humides, et de vastes abîmes mystérieux qui surgissent dans tout le monde... Et ils attendent tous d'être explorés

maîtriser les nouveaux pouvoirs de Link



En utilisant le nouveau pouvoir ultrahand, Link peut saisir, déplacer, et tourner les objets, et même les attacher ensemble pour créer des ponts, véhicules, et plus!



Attachez comme par magie les objets à l’arme, le bouclier, ou la flèche qu’utilise Link pour augmenter la durabilité ou les dégâts causés, ou même pour ajouter un nouvel effet. Testez différentes combinaisons pour obtenir des résultats surprenants et parfois amusants!



Ajoutez une nouvelle dimension à votre exploration avec Infiltration, qui donne à Link le pouvoir de passer à travers des objets solides au-dessus de lui. Passez à travers les plafonds, flanc de coteau, et même certains ennemis pour créer des raccourcis semblant impossibles



Utilisez Rétrospective pour inverser les mouvements d’un objet, permettant ainsi à Link de se déplacer sur les rochers en mouvement dans l’air, récupérer des armes lancées, ou renvoyer des projectiles vers leur point d’origine


Pourrez-vous maîtriser les nouveaux pouvoirs de Link pour combattre les forces maléfiques qui menacent le royaume?

13 avis pour The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Nintendo Switch

  1. Frequent customer

    I spent more time wandering , replacing decaying weapons, and food gathering to stay alive. Whatever happened to a structured battle system with specific goals to attain? I miss the older games that had Link solving a puzzle to get to the next level and beating enemies that were in the way. This game and Breath of the Wild are similar in every way, which makes this game a waste of much of my time. Even looking for the place you have to get to can take hours, and the necessary contact you need to meet is not there!! If it wasn’t for the outrageous prices I paid I would abandon these games, but I ordered Official Guides to help me through these. Reading them will take quite awhile too, as the index is not standard! I have numerous other games on PlayStation which conform to what one expects in a game. My love of the early Link and Zelda games prompted me to invest in a Switch OLED system and check out the new games. I also bought some Mario games which are similar to the older structure, but with a new twist. Zelda and Mario were the cornerstone of the Nintendo game systems and only Mario has proven to be what I expect in these games.I will persevere and play the Zelda games until I reach a satisfactory conclusion, but I do resent the impediments these games impose on the player. Maybe they think that creating something more similar to reality in a game will make it more appealing, stretching the time played exponentially to justify the price you pay. I always thought it should be fun without excessive frustration, but obviously the new games are trying to leave the simpler pleasures of game playing in the past.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I really enjoyed BOTW (ie. 8/10) but I personally found that it had many issues that needed to be addressed in a sequel. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to see how Nintendo would refine their strong first attempt at a new Zelda experience with this game considering the last time they were in a similar situation they made Majora’s Mask which is still one of the best in the series. Unfortunately, Tears Of The Kingdom feels like Nintendo thought they grand slammed the first title out of the park and opted to just make the first game again with marginal improvements + some new abilities which is not what I wanted from a sequel to BOTW.Positives:- The mechanics (ie. ultrahand) are still fundamentally great as they feel responsive, fun to use, and can allow for some great puzzle breaking (ex. I once solved a dungeon with a mirror, hot air ballon, and recall which was not the intended method).- The core loop of BOTW (explore, find a shrine, solve a puzzle) is still entertaining even if has lost some of its lustre due to a lack of evolution in the wake of new genre entries like Elden Ring (ie. why isn’t there optional dungeons like Elden Ring?)- There is some nice fixes to the original game like combat shrines being vastly improved from generic robot fights to mini events with unique gimmicks, durability is less obnoxious since you always have something decent to fuse to a weapon or shield, the enemy variety is really solid now compared to how paltry it was in BOTW, and each dungeon has a unique boss now that are mostly solid in quality.Negatives:- The biggest issue this game has is world/map reuse since it makes the entire game feel like a copy and paste of the original game considering dungeons are in the same exact regions, there is a mind boggling number of shrines in the exact same location (ie. I played BOTW 2 months ago, so my memory is pretty fresh), and most regions have barely any changes to them. Furthermore, it ruins the best component of the original game which was exploring a beautifully realized world where anything could be around the next corner since instead everything is predictable and tired now since I already explored this place thoroughly in the first game. Overall, It is a shockingly low effort from Nintendo considering they had 6 years of development on this and if it was Ubisoft that did this they would have been critically shredded for it.- Furthermore, the new additions to the map are pretty terrible with both feeling woefully underdeveloped and like an AI made them compared to the gorgeous map made for BOTW by both EDP and Monolithsoft which felt so authored and fully realized like the latter studios Xenoblade games. Firstly, the sky islands are sparse, lifeless, copy pasted rocks with highly repetitive activities in the form of driving crystals to shrines and flying around the same labyrinths from the first game. On the other hand the depths are awful being a new low for open world design considering it is centred around a terrible gimmick (ie. throwing light plants at the ground while looking for lamp trees to light up the area), has next to no meaningful content past one decent quest that could have been set anywhere else, and has a procedurally generated vibe that makes the area a snooze to engage with.- Finally, the game carries over many of the same issues from the first game like the mediocre to terrible combat, insane levels of repetition within quest/shrine design, meh dungeons/shrines, and weak storytelling.

  3. Carolyn F.

    I bought this game for my partner since they really like the Legend of Zelda series. I remember watching them play through Breath of the Wild and being more interested in just passively watching and not playing. When this game came out and they started playing it, I immediately wanted to start playing as well because of the new game mechanics added. So we ended up both playing through the same game together. I spent more time building, exploring the depths + sky, and solving puzzles; and they spent more time exploring above ground, fighting, and doing story quests. It ended up being a good game to play as a team and spend some quality time together with your significant other.

  4. Marylou

    Super suite à BOTW, c’est un peu la même mécanique, mais il y a des nouveautés sympa si tu es un peu créatif.

  5. Person

    What’s there to say? TOTK’s predecessor and TOTK itself is a great game. Both games have a ton of hidden little easter eggs that keep me interested. The story line wasn’t as clear in TOTK, unlike BOTW. Even so, TOTK brought many new features. Many of the features from BOTW carried over to TOTK. I love that in TOTK, regional heroes? like Tulin or Sidon can fight alongside you. The map of Hyrule is now crazy large as well. Instead of one map, you have 3 maps of different layers of Hyrule. You got the Sky Islands, Surface and Depths. More areas to discover = more easter eggs and fun. Over all, great game.

  6. Mélissa Guertin

    J’adore le jeu ❤️

  7. Julian

    Game is amazing. No question about it.Pre order shipping was brutally slow and forced me to wait a full week before it shipped despite the pre order garuntee

  8. LzaKzi

    This one’s better

  9. Daniel

    Excelente jogo!
    Que jogo, meus amigos! Que jogo!(Kogumeloplay) rsrs

  10. C. EDUARDO

    O jogo é excelente, bom demais.

  11. Guilherme marques xavier

    Ótimo produto e vendedor, chegou antes do prazo.

  12. Becker Daniel

    Sehr Zufrieden
    Anfangs verwirrend da die Hülle auf Englisch war aber es war ein Zettel in der Hülle das erklärt hat wieso die Hülle auf englisch ist

  13. Karoliny Peixoto

    Produto original, muito bem embalado e que chegou antes do prazo. Só comprem! Chegou no dia do meu aniversário, inclusive ♥️

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