DualSense Wireless Controller – Galactic Purple


Marque Playstation
Appareils compatibles Playstation 5
Technologie de connectivité Bluetooth
Couleur Violet galactique
Fonctionnalité spéciale Sans fil
  • Donnez vie aux mondes de jeu – Sentez vos actions et votre environnement dans le jeu simulés grâce à des commentaires haptiques*. Faites l’expérience de différentes forces et tensions au bout de vos doigts avec des déclencheurs adaptatifs*.
  • Trouvez votre voix, partagez votre passion – Chattez en ligne grâce au microphone intégré. Connectez un casque directement via la prise jack 3,5 mm. Enregistrez et diffusez vos moments de jeu épiques avec le bouton Créer.
  • Une icône de jeu dans vos mains – Profitez d’un design confortable et évolué avec une disposition emblématique et des bâtons améliorés. Écoutez des effets sonores plus fidélité** grâce au haut-parleur intégré dans les jeux pris en charge.
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Tracez un parcours pour des aventures astronomiques sur votre console PS5 avec la manette sans fil DualSense Galactic Violet. Faisant partie d'une gamme étendue d'accessoires sur le thème de la galaxie, cette élégante manette violette est le compagnon idéal pour explorer de nouveaux univers de jeu. Découvrez une expérience de jeu plus profonde et très immersive** qui donne vie à l'action dans la paume de vos mains. La manette sans fil DualSense offre un retour haptique immersif*, des déclencheurs adaptatifs dynamiques* et un microphone intégré, le tout intégré dans un design confortable emblématique. (*Disponible lorsque la fonctionnalité est prise en charge par le jeu. **Par rapport à la manette sans fil DUALSHOCK 4. †Internet et compte pour Playstation Network requis.)

Description du fabricant

Heighten your senses
Bring gaming worlds to life
Find your voice share your passion
A gaming icon in your hands
Built-in battery, integrated speaker, motion sensor

7 avis pour DualSense Wireless Controller – Galactic Purple

  1. Kimi

    So after contemplating to spend $400 + on a wheel and pedal Logitech – Thrustmaster only to research and find it’s half baked compared to DD wheel I came to the decision to purchase the EDGE.And for formula 1 ‘23 what a controller compared to the DualSense.Pros:Hard shell case and can charge while inside.Lengthy USB C cable braided. Be sure to take care with these cables. Very good quality. Try and roll them up the way they came or avoid twisting.I tried the paddles to play like shifters however muscle memory is an issue. I may try again and orientate downshift on the right and up shift on the left as acc and upshift and the vis versa are hard to coordinate. For now back to X 🔲 Also if you reverse the orientation of the paddles you can extend them further towards your palm.Comes with a nice locking mechanism to keep the provided wire in the controller. I don’t really think this may be useful as I have a 5 year old. Huge tripping hazard and the controller will go flying.Love the caps they come in various styles and lengths. This is great as finding the correct hight means your thumb doesn’t have to travel as far and precision can be greatly increased. I already have a cap that adds hight but I’ve maxed it out on the left stick and enjoy the amount of control it provides.The removable and replaceable joysticks are the best positive from Sony. Another reason over the wheel (I’ve already gone through two controller with heavy game use) I also find myself gripping the controller and left stick to find the precision. Old habits. Now to change the Stick I can swap and use the right one and then purchase a replacement. Save over buying a new controller.The trigger limiters are nice. I attempted to stiffen the brake trigger but I found I like the length of my break pedal similar to real world car.Apart from the hardware the software support of the controller is great. Right out of the box you can check and eliminate natural dead zone in the controller sticks. 3-5% is normal.There is also customization for stick responsiveness. Thinking linearly you can adjust the line to reflect how fast or how slow and how soon you want the responsive to be. My sensitivity curve is set to quickYou can also adjust the travel for the trigger in the software and the deadzone for that exact feel you want on the break or the accelerator.Cons.The battery seems to be an issue, I’ve discovered while researching. To combat this use the provided USB cable for power and communication as much as possible.You will prolong the longevity of your battery, just be sure to use the battery once in a while. You can also adjust the lights, force feedback and mic volumes to improve batter time and life.Set your communication from the controller to USB rather than Bluetooth. There is natural input lag in both, but direct connection is still the best way for data transfer.Other than that so far no cons. If you are an avid user of the PS5 I suggest purchase this controller instead of a wheel for your entry into F1 ‘23 unless you have the $$$$ for a DD wheel like Fanatec. Unfortunately they are the only company that will make direct drive wheel for PS5. And in my opinion and preferance a non DD wheel is half baked.

  2. Hal9001

    I’ve been using Xbox Elite controllers for a couple generations now, so it was nice to see Sony finally dip their toes into this water. Honestly, I believe all base controllers these days should have 2 programmable rear buttons without having to spend $200+ on a pro controller, but this is what these companies have decided to do, so here we are.The controller is well made, feels and looks like a premium DualSense controller… it’s allowed me to play online competitive games on my PS5 that I’d only have played on my PC or XBSX with a Elite 2 controller before… so that’s a good thing. The controller software on the PS5 is also quite well done, I’d say its a bit more polished than the Xbox version of the same thing. The case is a hard plastic, it’s sturdy and feels very «Sony», it gets the job done and fits in with the PS aesthetic… would have been nice if it included a quick charge connection when you place it in the case (like the XB Elite controller), instead they opted to just add the ability to hook up a USB C through the back of the case. Also for my purposes the small half moon rear button options are useless as they’re a little too hard to access in a pinch… though they would be good for people who maybe want to access certain functions without needing them to be at the ready the way the rear paddles are.Only real issues I’ve had with this controller is sometimes accidentally hitting one of the two new «profile switcher» buttons which kind of stick out below the thumbsticks in a way that allows your fingers to hit them and open the profile selector in the middle of an intense firefight or something. The profile switcher is a good idea, but I think these buttons could have been more ergonomically added to avoid accidental selection etc. Also battery life is not great, total missed opportunity to fix this issue on the DualSense.Overall if you play online shooter type games via PS5 and can spare the sum of cash needed to own one of these, I’d say it’s prob worth it.. it’s a decent first effort by Sony. I still prefer the thumbstick placement of the XB controllers, but this Edge controller does make things fell pretty nice with the various stick swap outs and quick profile swapping. I am removing a star for the placement of the profile swapping buttons and just ok battery life however, and would say the XB Elite 2 is still the better controller due to extra features and more options.

  3. Genno

    Good deal!
    I transitioned from the standard ps5 controller to dual sense since I play everyday and it only last 6 months.Now that this module is very affordable now I don’t need to worry.

  4. Dwaine E Pruitt

    what tha!
    bought as back up so havn’t used it yet but the controler has 2 and i could only order 1???went the same day to best buy and bought another one in store for same price. again these are back-up but i have 5 older ps controler that all have developed problems with the sticks

  5. David

    The ability to not worry about joystick drift again. It is amazing and cheaper than buying expensive controllers.

  6. Kris R.

    Noisy clicking/popping sound Dualsense Edge Toggle
     I ordered one toggle module but there was a clicking/popping sound when moving the toggle from the middle in any direction. And after returning it for a replacement, the replacement had the same issue. Both of my original toggles that came with the controller do not have this issue. But for some reason the replacements do. I can ignore it sometimes but it’s always there. And for $20 per module, I’m hesitant to ever buy any more.(Video: New module on the right, original module is on the left. Volume up)

  7. NyteWatch

    Grabbed Extra Just In Case! Brand New!
    Pacakge arrived earlier than expected! Got this just in case one of the stock ones in my DualSense Edge needed to be replaced. I’m sure it’ll work like new once I open and use it. Funny thing was I thought it came with 2 in a box. . .

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