God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 5


  • Sentez votre voyage à travers les royaumes nordiques, rendu possible par un retour haptique immersif et une fonctionnalité de déclenchement adaptatif.
  • Profitez de l’audio 3D multidirectionnel ; entendez les ennemis s’approcher de n’importe quelle direction. (Audio 3D avec casque stéréo (analogique ou USB))
  • Prélassez-vous dans les beaux mondes que vous parcourez, donnés vie par une direction artistique précise et une attention particulière aux détails.
  • Basculez entre la résolution 4K complète à une cible de 30 images par seconde ou la résolution dynamique augmentée à 4K à 60 images par seconde ciblées. (La résolution 4K nécessite un téléviseur ou un écran 4K compatible)
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Embarquez dans un voyage épique et sincère alors que Kratos et Atreus luttent pour tenir et lâcher prise. Dans un contexte de royaumes nordiques déchirés par la fureur des Aesir, ils ont essayé de faire de leur mieux pour défaire la fin des temps. Mais malgré tous leurs efforts, Fimbulwinter appuie dessus. Assistez à la dynamique changeante de la relation père-fils alors qu'ils luttent pour la survie. Atrée a soif de connaissances pour l'aider à comprendre la prophétie de « Loki », car Kratos lutte pour se libérer de son passé et être le père dont son fils a besoin. Voyez par vous-même comment le destin les obligera à choisir : entre leur propre sécurité ou celle des royaumes. Pendant ce temps, les forces asgardiennes hostiles s'assemblent... • Aventurez-vous à travers les neuf royaumes vers la bataille prophétisée qui mettra fin au monde. • Vaincre les dieux nordiques et les monstres dans un combat fluide et expressif. • Explorez avec émerveillement à travers de superbes paysages mythologiques.

8 avis pour God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 5

  1. CantWait

    Overall, I liked the new God of War.The gameplay is overall pretty fun. The animations in combat are incredible and it just looks so good in motion despite it being a PS4 game. The combat does allow for a lot of freedom and experimentation, but I’m not a fan of how some fights just feel like Dark Souls. God of War combat used to have its own identity that other games like Bayonetta or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow copied – now its the series that is copying the other trendy thing. The actual gameplay loop of the game gets super tiring after a while too… corridor, fight, puzzle, cutscene, corridor, fight, puzzle, cutscene, rinse and repeat. It doesn’t help that the puzzles are agonizing and there are too many of them. It feels like very antiquated game design and just filler and padding designed to justify the runtime of the game. I feel like the realms should be structured as dungeon-style level design where you beat sub bosses to collect a gemstone to unlock a door to a main boss of each dungeon. This would be much more satisfying, but instead, the realms often feel aimless and there is no sense of how close you are to completing each section… it just kind of… ends. Even something like The Last of Us does so much more with environmental signalling. When you enter the small city in the beginning, you know you need to get to Bill’s Church and can visibly see it off in the distance. So, you slowly work your way through the town to get to that building. Here, I have no idea what I’m working towards half the time until I stumble across a prison cell and find out the quest is over… okay!The skill trees are a bit of a disappointment. I should be dying to spend XP on the next perk like Skyrim, but instead, I was always struggling to find something that would add value to my game. It’s generally a bunch of new fighting game-style combos that there is 0 chance I’m going to memorize. The upgrades at the blacksmith are fun to tinker away at, but Kratos never feels like he’s dominating enemies towards the end of the game as they’re very spongy to damage. You kind of just have to trust the game that your weapons and equipment is upgraded, so it begs the question why there are even upgrades in the first place.The story is probably my favourite part of this game, but it’s also not without its flaws. I never felt the strong emotional connection that everyone talks about regarding the 2018 God of War game – it just didn’t hit me in the same way. This game really made me think deeper of the relationship between Kratos and Atreus with things like building trust, letting the bird leave the nest, etc. Kratos went from being an annoying character to a very well written one and that’s an achievement. However, this story isn’t as cohesive as 2018. The story of 2018 is simple: find your way to the highest point in all of the 9 realms to spread your dead mothers ashes. This game is much more complicated with overlapping storylines, switching between protagonists, conflicting interests at play… some of the character motivations are extremely underdeveloped too.The length of the game deserves its own section but part of it has to be a continuation of the story section. The first 80% of the game is extremely slow at telling the story and includes a ton of filler and padding. Then, the best part of the game is the last few hours, but it feels extremely rushed and crams so many important details into the very ending of the game. There was a very slow section around the 10-12 hour mark and I thought maybe there was an hour or two left of the whole game. I checked a longplay on YouTube only to find out I was halfway through the game. I almost gave up right then and there. Even though there are plot points and characters I really like here, I feel the whole story could be rewritten and told differently in a much better and more cohesive way. There’s also too much Marvel Cinematic Universe style writing here in kind of an annoying way with the smart aleck little quips and one-liners.Last thing I’d highlight is the graphics. Yes, it’s a PS4 game, but as I mentioned in regards to the gameplay animations, the game looks super good in motion. There are little details that look way worse than everything else like a certain horse that Freya rides at one point, some NPCs on the side quests whose animations resemble an N64 Zelda game, and things like Thor’s hair just openly clipping through his chest in virtually every cutscene. Basically, there are higher highs than 2018 in the graphics department, but also lower lows since these things are in the same game as such beautiful graphics like Kratos’ character model.I’d give GoW Ragnarok a 3.5/5 overall, but the scale won’t let me. If it were half the length with less padding and filler, then it’d be a 4/5. If the gameplay were tighter with better upgrades and more fun combat that isn’t biting Souls-style games, it’d be a 4.5/5. If it the story were more cohesive and the character motivations were written in a less sloppy way, then it’d be a 5/5.If you liked 2018, then I’d recommend this at full price – you’ll like this too. If you were kind of like me where you only kind of enjoyed 2018, maybe wait until it’s like half price before giving it a shot.

  2. Idta

    One of the best games on the Ps5 hands down. It took everything the first game did and like doubled on the awesomeness. Great story, great gameplay, great characters… I really want to know where the God of War series will go to from here! I really wanna see them try to top this one.

  3. James Quiñónez

    Fun, immersive game. Honestly, I still love physical copies of games. If you want a solid story with good writing, this game will do it for you.

  4. Marilyn Timmerman

    Runs well on OG ps4. Amazing game.

  5. Alex W.

    Good game

  6. Michelle U

    Great game, git if as a Christmas present for my BF and he loved it. Would play it for hours. Quality and story was on point. Makes me want to get into the game too. Makes a great gift 🎁 definitely recommend 👍🏻


    fonctionne bien

  8. Jose

    This is an awesome game for teenagers or older, as the previous one it is very fun with a lot of action, adventure, exploration and some simple puzzles every now and then.I had no problems with the delivery service and it arrived in perfect conditions.Worth the money.

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