SanDisk-256G-Carte mémoire microSDXC UHS-I pour Nintendo Switch 256 Go


Marque SanDisk
Nom du modèle MicroSDXC UHS-I Card for Nintendo Switch
Type de mémoire flash Micro SD
Capacité de stockage de la mémoire 256 Go
Appareils compatibles Nintendo Switch
  • Des vitesses incroyables dans une carte microSD sous licence officielle pour les systèmes Nintendo Switch et Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Passez moins de temps à attendre et plus de temps à jouer avec des vitesses de lecture allant jusqu’à 100 Mo/s et des vitesses d’écriture jusqu’à 90 Mo/s.
  • Ajoutez instantanément jusqu’à 256 Go (1 Go = 1 000 000 000 octets. Stockage réel de l’utilisateur en moins)
  • Stockez vos jeux, captures d’écran et captures vidéo téléchargées en un seul endroit afin que vous puissiez voyager en toute simplicité.
UGS : B07QD6R5L7 Catégories: ,

Avec une vitesse incroyable, la carte microSDXC sous licence officielle SanDisk pour Nintendo Switch vous permet d'ajouter jusqu'à [64/128/256 Go] d'espace à votre système. Passez moins de temps à attendre et plus de temps à jouer avec des vitesses de lecture et d'écriture allant jusqu'à 100 Mo/s et 90 Mo/s respectivement. Parfait pour garder vos jeux préférés en un seul endroit. Vous êtes donc prêt pour le long terme. 1 Go = 1 000 000 000 octets. Moins de stockage de l'utilisateur. 128-256 Go : Jusqu'à 100 Mo/s en lecture, jusqu'à 90 Mo/s en écriture. 64 Go : Jusqu'à 100 Mo/s en lecture, jusqu'à 60 Mo/s en écriture. Basé sur des tests internes. Les performances peuvent être inférieures en fonction de l'interface du dispositif hôte, des conditions d'utilisation et d'autres facteurs. 1 Mo = 1 000 000 octets.

Description du fabricant


SanDisk Carte microSDXC pour Nintendo Switch

Avec une vitesse incroyable, la carte microSDXC SanDisk sous licence officielle pour Nintendo Switch vous permet d'ajouter jusqu'à [64/128/256Go]* d'espace à votre système. Passez moins de temps à attendre et plus de temps à jouer avec des vitesses de lecture et d'écriture allant jusqu'à 100 Mo/s(1) et 90 Mo/s(1) respectivement. Parfait pour garder vos jeux préférés en un seul endroit.

Contenu :

• Carte microSDXC SanDisk pour Nintendo Switch

Aperçu :

  • Sous licence officielle pour Nintendo Switch.
  • Vitesse de lecture jusqu'à 100 Mo/s(1) et vitesse d'écriture jusqu'à 90 Mo/s(1)
  • Jusqu'à 256 Go* de mémoire supplémentaire
  • Une seule carte pour stocker plusieurs jeux, captures d'écran et vidéos




veste jean

Licence Nintendo pour Nintendo Switch

La carte SanDisk microSDXC pour le système de jeu Nintendo Switch est conçue pour fournir un stockage fiable lorsque vous conquérez de nouveaux niveaux.

Chambre à explorer

Ajoutez jusqu'à 256 Go* de stockage à votre Nintendo Switch en quelques secondes, et soyez tranquille en sachant que vous avez de la place pour vos jeux préférés.

Stockez plus, transportez moins.

Avec le microSDXC SanDisk pour Nintendo Switch, vous pouvez garder vos jeux numériques préférés en un seul endroit, afin que vous soyez prêt à jouer à tout moment.

Entrez dans le jeu rapidement

Avec des taux de transfert allant jusqu'à 100 Mo/s (2), la carte microSD SanDisk pour Nintendo Switch offre des performances élevées et constantes pour que vous puissiez charger vos jeux rapidement.


Avertissements légaux

*1 Go = 1 000 000 000 octets. Stockage utilisateur réel moins (1) 128-256 Go : Vitesse de lecture jusqu'à 100 Mo/s ; vitesse d'écriture jusqu'à 90 Mo/s 64 Go : Vitesse de lecture jusqu'à 100 Mo/s ; vitesse d'écriture jusqu'à 60 Mo/s Selon des tests internes, les performances peuvent être inférieures en fonction de l'interface du périphérique hôte, des conditions d'utilisation et d'autres facteurs. 1 Mo = 1 000 000 octets.

13 avis pour SanDisk-256G-Carte mémoire microSDXC UHS-I pour Nintendo Switch 256 Go

  1. Sophie Bophie

    I just needed more space on my Switch OLED. Saw how many reviews were on this one and it has a pretty good price point. I almost put it in wrong myself (because I’m DUMB), but just follow the little icon picture on your device and it will work just fine. The physical and audible click (when you put it in) is kinda subtle, but don’t worry, its in! And then, boom! More space, just that easy.I also got it REAL fast (in two days with free shipping), and it comes in its own little plastic case which is nice if you want to store it for later.Would recommend!

  2. Jackson

    I recently purchased the 128GB SanDisk micro SD card for my Nintendo Switch, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. This little card offers an incredible amount of storage for the price, making it unbeatable for expanding your Nintendo Switch game library past the low starting storage.With 128GB of storage, I can now download and store a plethora of games without worrying about running out of space. The installation was a breeze, just pop it into the slot, and the Switch recognized it instantly.Now, I can have all my favorite titles at my fingertips, from massive open-world adventures to indie gems, without having to constantly delete and re-download games. It’s made gaming on the Switch much more convenient and enjoyable.The SanDisk micro SD card not only offers ample space but also maintains speedy load times, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. For the price, this card is a must-have accessory for any Nintendo Switch owner looking to expand their gaming horizons. It’s a fantastic investment, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  3. Frequent customer

    A 256GB card is always nice to have, especially in the gaming world. I bought this one because my Switch OLED has only 54.8GB of memory after you set everything up. The price I paid on this item was $32 on sale, so a no brainer after seeing the price on a 128GB card. I didn’t check into why there are specific cards and drives for certain devices, given the relatively low price I paid. I don’t have a large quantity of games for this, otherwise I might have looked at a higher capacity, but this will suit my needs. My best advice is to get what will cover your data requirements. You can get a 1TB card, but one must be playing a lot of games and maybe have a number of different users to substantiate the cost. I was satisfied with this purchase!

  4. Graceful_Autumn

    I got this for my switch to upgrade the storage space. If you’re looking for a small upgrade that isn’t going to cost you a fortune this guy is a good fit

  5. Brian

    It works well and does exactly what is expected of an SD card.However the price increase just because it has a Nintendo branded image and is listed to be switch compatible doesn’t justify the extra price, the non branded works just as well for less.

  6. ovcrash

    Utiliser pour libérer de l’espace sur la Nintendo Switch. Il offre suffisamment d’espace. La vitesse de transfert est excellente.

  7. Paulina

    My first time buying a memory card for my switch and wow.. the amount of games I can have now, is crazy.. compared to the basic switch storage lmao•Works as it should, worth the money.• came pretty quickly.Will order again! Thanks

  8. Charger for Samsung

    This just came in today and it fits in well now I have enough space to add some more games maybe 1 or 2 big data games or 6 to 7 small games

  9. TurboNick

    Works great
    This memory card works great looks good I bought it for my legend of Zelda switch OLED just to keep the theme going, but as a 1TB memory card you only have 800 in something gig out of it. Now I have a 1TB giga stone for my games as well I know I know I have a lot of games for my switch, but the reason why I have them is to try different one terabyte to see which one is best value for your money and the gigastone is definitely better value for your money because I would have 900 in something gigs out of it and I’m hearing that there is even cheaper 1TB options on Amazon that is a third of the price of this one and even gives you more memory. No, I bought this again because I had the legend of Zelda OLED switch and I wanted to keep the theme going on it like I said earlier and the SanDisk works great, but there are better options out there and this is coming from somebody who owns a lot of Sandisk products no I don’t have any issues with it but it is a little upsetting when you spend almost 130 or 140 bucks on a memory card when I could’ve bought three for the price of one and got more memory or I could’ve got a giga stone memory card and had 40 bucks left over at the time of purchase but again this is still a good product and I’m sure that the longevity will be good and the performance seems to be doing very well. It is a little slower on loading when it’s full but once it’s going, it works really well and I have not had any issues with it yet and I have played probably about 30 games on it so far and no hiccups. Like I said it’s just a little slow switching in between games since I have it completely full I use the switches on board memory for the save data. But with my giga stone, I never had any issues with that and it never lagged in load time there were larger games that did take a little longer to load but for the most part, I never had a single problem and it worked great. My device would be do your research on a different memory card I recommend giga stone since they’re tried and true, but there are other options that are way more affordable but I do not know on longevity or performance. I do know that they work just don’t know if it’s going to be good enough to be playing switch games or high definition movies or photos or anything like that I don’t know if it’s 4K but if you are like me and just wanted to keep the theme going and don’t plan on switching out the memory card and just want to be a big nerd like myself, then yes by this thing it’s good it looks great. Love the little design on it , the artwork on the package is perfect and I would buy another one in a heartbeat just to have as a display and I would even buy another one just to use but I prefer performance over design and practicality over design like I said before I only bought this, just because it’s SanDisk and the design matches the system And it was the right memory size that I wanted so with all that being said, I would highly recommend looking somewhere else to purchase your memory card because losing almost 100 gig is kind of a big deal. This should be around 920 or 960 gig not 860 something as you know 100 gig can mean nine more games or maybe a little bit more but yes, I do know that you can only play one game at a time but I don’t want to waste time constantly downloading my digital games I want to download them and be done not the finishing game deleting it and then re-downloading at a later time just like physical copies I just wanted there to play whenever I feel like it so now I have to buy another memory card just to finish downloading the other 50 or so games that I have which I was going to have to do anyway, but I would just recommend buying something else


    Aumente a Diversão do Nintendo Switch – SanDisk microSDXC 256GB é a Melhor Escolha!
    Minha experiência com a Tarjeta microSDXC SanDisk de 256GB para Nintendo Switch tem sido excepcionalmente positiva. Esta tarjeta não apenas expandiu o armazenamento do meu Nintendo Switch, mas também trouxe velocidade e desempenho de alta qualidade para meus jogos.Pontos Positivos:Capacidade Generosa: Com 256GB de espaço de armazenamento, a tarjeta microSDXC SanDisk é perfeita para aumentar a capacidade de armazenamento do meu Nintendo Switch, permitindo que eu baixe mais jogos e aplicativos.Licença Oficial Nintendo: A tarjeta possui licença oficial da Nintendo, garantindo a compatibilidade e o desempenho otimizado para o Nintendo Switch. Isso me dá confiança na qualidade do produto.Velocidade Excepcional: Com velocidades de leitura de até 100 MB/s, a tarjeta oferece um carregamento rápido de jogos e tempos de resposta mais curtos. Isso resulta em uma experiência de jogo mais suave e fluida.Class 10 U3: A classificação Class 10 U3 garante que a tarjeta seja capaz de lidar com gravação e reprodução de vídeo em alta resolução, além de carregar jogos rapidamente.Pontos Negativos:Custo Adicional: Embora a tarjeta ofereça uma excelente relação custo-benefício considerando sua capacidade e desempenho, o custo inicial pode ser um pouco mais alto em comparação com outras opções de menor capacidade.Satisfação Geral com o Produto:Minha satisfação geral com a Tarjeta microSDXC SanDisk de 256GB para Nintendo Switch é altamente positiva. Ela melhorou significativamente minha experiência de jogo.Conclusão:Se você é um entusiasta do Nintendo Switch em busca de mais espaço de armazenamento e desempenho aprimorado, a Tarjeta microSDXC SanDisk de 256GB é a escolha perfeita. Com capacidade generosa, velocidade excepcional e licença oficial da Nintendo, ela é uma adição essencial para sua experiência de jogo. Minha experiência positiva com este produto reforça sua qualidade. Seja você um jogador casual ou dedicado, esta tarjeta microSD é altamente recomendada para aproveitar ao máximo seu Nintendo Switch.

  11. José Luis

    Excelente memoria
    Para las personas que dicen que la memoria no abarca todos los gigas que dice, bajo una investigación que yo mismo hice enrelidad así es con cualquier memoria, no se porque ni a qué se deba exactamente pero así sucede con cualquier memoria, sea oficial de nintendo o no y sea de 512 GB o más amplia o menos, siempre va a marcar unos 10-20 GB por debajo de lo que dice, así que no se fijen en eso, a mi la memoria me llegó en excelentes estados y funciona súper bien, tamben por accidente instale el fortnite en la memoria y la verdad es que lo corre súper bien, va super fluido y como dije no me di cuenta que estaba instalando en la memoria hasta que quise pasar otro juego a esta, así que la súper recomiendo

  12. Diego

    É original e funciona muito bem!
    No início fiquei com medo de comprar e não desse para baixar os jogos. Mas foi totalmente ao contrário, o produto é super bom e ajuda muito.Não queria comprar o de 64gb porque fiquei com medo de não ter muito espaço. Mas da super de boa para baixar um monte de jogos.Primeiramente, antes de falar que veio com metade do armazenamento cheio, Temq formatar pelo próprio switch, aí fica com o espaço original.Um único problema é que demora um pouquinho pra baixar (por conta da velocidade de transferência não ser tão grande) mas funciona normalmente e não dá erro quando baixa igual a outros cartões

  13. Custeemade

    Pros and Cons
    As an avid gamer, I was looking to expand the storage on my Nintendo Switch. I decided to try this SanDisk microSD card. After a few weeks of use, here’s my detailed review:Pros:- Provides ample 256GB storage to download more digital games- Transfer speeds fast enough for gaming needs- Easy plug-and-play use, recognized immediately by Switch- Far more affordable than other 256GB SD card optionsCons:- Slightly slower speeds compared to premium SD cardsOverall, this microSD card has been a fantastic upgrade for my Switch, providing plenty of extra game storage at a reasonable price. The speed meets my gaming needs and the plug-and-play use couldn’t be easier. If you need more space to build your Switch digital library, this themed card is a power-up and I’m happy to recommend!

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